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Radar Butter Knife Water Ski 2019

Radar Butter Knife Water Ski 2019
Radar Butter Knife Water Ski 2019

SKI ONLY - Boots sold separately 

The 2019 Radar Butterknife water ski was designed to help get anyone up and out of the water. The Butterknife is made of Radar’s all-terrain core and is wrapped in carbon fiber. This combination makes for a durable forgiving ski. The Butterknife has a long flat spot in the middle of the ski to give the rider tons of stability when cruising upright behind the boat. The Butterknife has a parabolic shape, meaning that the ski’s widest points are forward of the front foot and under the back foot.   When turning, this parabolic shape puts those two wide spots deeper in the water and creates an arc on the ski for a more traditional ski feeling when completing a turn. The bottom of the Butterknife has two grip channels on both sides of the ski. These channels are designed to help hold the ski from sliding out when putting the ski on edge to carve. This ski was designed for speeds between 20mph and 30mph.

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