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There are more groundbreaking innovations packed into a Centurion than any other boats on the water. From Ramfill to Opti-V to Dropzone and more, check out the full details on the most advanced boats on the market.


Surf Wave

Centurion boats are renowned as the most innovative high-performance wake surf boats in the world. Centurion’s exclusive RAMFILL system adds more ballast in less time than any other boat on the market. Combined with Quicksurf Pro, Centurion boats create perfectly customized waves for everyone on the boat from first timers to world champions.

Supreme Boats

From the convenience of the Quicksurf System to the huge, pounding waves generated by the Surftech V hull and the all new Tapered V, every Supreme model is designed to take your experience on the water to a totally new level.

Used Boats

BoardCo and BoardCo boats work together to bring you the best lineup of used boat inventory



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Mission Dock Line 3/8 X 10 in Teal - BoardCo
Mission Vinyl Cleaner 16oz - BoardCo
Save $20.99
Mission Sentry Fenders Blue Lagoon - BoardCo
Mission Sentry Fenders Blue Lagoon
Sale price$59.00 Regular price$79.99
No reviews
Save $20.00
Mission Sentry Fenders Atomic Yellow - BoardCo
Mission Sentry Fenders Atomic Yellow
Sale price$59.00 Regular price$79.00
No reviews
Mission ICON Boat Fender Charcoal - BoardCo
Babe's Boat Care Kit - BoardCo
Mission Boat Hammock in Grey - BoardCo
Land 'N' Sea Throw Cushion Foam Red - BoardCo
Land 'N' Sea Deluxe 48" Water Ski Flag - BoardCo
Land 'N' Sea Beach Spike Anchor Large - BoardCo
Anchor Line 3/8 x 100 - BoardCo
Anchor Line 3/8 x 50 - BoardCo
Babe's Spot Solver Pint - BoardCo
Babe's Mildew Master Pint - BoardCo
Hyperlite Webbing Bungee Dock Tie - BoardCo
Hyperlite Rope Bungee Dock Line - BoardCo
Centurion Evolution Cap in White | Charcoal - BoardCo
Ronix Captain's Kit Vinyl Dipped Locking Carabiner - BoardCo
Mission Cassi Gear Tote Large 170L - BoardCo
Mission Tempest Daypack Cooler - Day Trip Cooler - 13x16x14" - BoardCo
Radar Boat Blanket - BoardCo
Hyperlite Boat Bumpers - BoardCo
Roswell Triton Strapless Board Rack - BoardCo
HO Throw Cushion PFD - BoardCo