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The spirit of innovation at Hyperlite was born when the first compression molded came out of the press in 1991 and has continued ever since. The wide breadth of innovative wakeboard and wakesurf products to come from Hyperlite include System wakeboard bindings, Loaded construction wakeboards, DuraShell wakesurf construction, ultra-light life jackets, and much more. Hyperlite provides some of the best quality wake gear on the market that has been built to the highest standards to help take your wakeboarding or wakesurfing to the next level.


From the proprietary DuraShell technology to their partnerships with elite ocean shapers Varial and Super, Hyperlite is pushing boundaries in the wakesurf world.

Hyperlite Proprietary Design


DuraShell combines elements of compression molding with vacuum finishing to create a board that is both lightweight and nearly bulletproof. No need to worry about dings and damage with this super rugged surf tech.


Durable and lightweight construction paired with incredible shaping from the likes of Greg Nelson and Aaron Stumpf.


Whether you opt for a set of the completely unique System Bindings, some comfy and supportive closed toe boots or open toe adjustability to fit your whole crew know that Hyperlite has your back with some of the freshest footwear to up your wake game.

Life Jackets by Hyperlite

Whether you are looking for a Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket or a slim and comfortable wake comp vest, Hyperlite has you covered, literally.

At BoardCo, you can find the full selection of Hyperlite products at the guaranteed lowest prices all backed with our Lifetime Returns policy.