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HO WIDE Carbon Omni Water Ski 2023

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Select Size:67 in.

HO Water Ski Size Chart | Crossover Water Skis

Board Length (in) Rider (lbs)
Carbon Omega Max 65 Up to  150
Carbon Omega Max 66 150-180
Carbon Omega Max 67 180-210
Carbon Omega Max 68 210+
Women's Carbon Omega Max 65 Up to 150
Women's Carbon Omega Max 66 150-180
Women's Carbon Omega Max 67 180+
Carbon Omni 65 Up to 150
Carbon Omni 67 150-200
Carbon Omni 69 200-250
Carbon Omni (Wide) 67 200-250
Carbon Omni (Wide) 69 250+
Women's Carbon Omni 63 Up to 110
Women's Carbon Omni 65 110-150
Women's Carbon Omni 67 150+
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HO WIDE Carbon Omni Water Ski 2023

67 in.


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1015 N 2000 W
Springville UT 84663
United States


HO WIDE Carbon Omni Water Ski: Versatility Meets Performance

  • Hybrid Waist Width: Balances traditional and wideride ski features for smooth, instinctive turns at various speeds.
  • Wide Edition Option: Offers additional lift for easier starts and more stable turns.
  • Clean Edge Tail: Reduces drag by 50%, enhancing acceleration with minimal skier input.
  • Carbon Laminates Construction: Increases stiffness for maximum acceleration and performance.
  • Continuous Rockerline & Deep Concave: Ensures intuitive turns and added stability.
  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin: Allows for fine-tuned ski performance and control.

Designed for skiers who demand a versatile ski, the HO WIDE Carbon Omni excels in both aggressive performance skiing and open water efficiency. Its innovative hybrid waist width facilitates smooth turns across a broad speed range, while the Wide Edition provides extra lift for effortless starts. The ski's Continuous Rockerline and Clean Edge 3.0 technology ensure intuitive handling and reduced drag, making it a highly efficient choice for those tight line turns. Constructed with carbon laminates and a traditional polyurethane core, the Carbon Omni offers increased stiffness and stability, catering to the needs of aggressive skiers seeking responsive and high-powered performance. Whether you're navigating variable water conditions or aiming for high-speed maneuvers, the Carbon Omni is engineered to elevate your water skiing experience.