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Holiday Gift Guide - Top Picks of 2022

Here at BoardCo we prize ourselves in having the best of the best in gear, boards, and everything else. In this Gift Guide we take our top picks from 2022 in everything from surfboards to life vests and show you why they would be good gifts for you and your family this holiday season!

Wakesruf picks

Pick 1

Hyperlite Shim


Perfect for intermediate to advanced riders looking to take their skills to the next levelHybrid shape that satisfies your skim and surf needsShorter profile for easy maneuverability on rotations and air tricksCombines buoyancy with the durability of a compression molded shape with our DuraShell TechnologyBest of all worlds that a wakesurf enthusiast can't pass up!

Pick 2

Phase 5 swell

The Swell is a mix between a blunt and pin nose shape that will both spin and air with ease. The Phase 5 Swell can run as a quad fin setup or be set a bit looser as a twin fin. The fin setup is just one more example of the incredible versatility of this high-performance shred stick. The quad fin setup gives the ability to customize your ride to you can shred exactly how you like it.

Pick 3

Phase 5 scamp


The ultimate youth wakesurferMade with a wide and stable profile to keep the rider in the wave all day long. Get exceptional float and rail sensitivity that is perfect for the light rider thanks to the thin and lightweight skim style core. The Tri-fin setup is configured with a 2” skim fin in the center and two 1” fakie skim fins on the side. Get locked into the wave with all drive you need with the Tri-Fin set up

Pick 4

Hyperlite Transistor

EFFORTLESS SPINNING Hyperlite’s world champion wakesurfer Noah Flegel has been in the R&D room with shaper Aaron Stumpf creating a new skim style wakesurf board, the Transistor. This shape features a compact length for faster rotations and consistent speed down the line. The clean base design and single fin lend to quick release from the wave easing spins. The Transistor is a full woven carbon construction with a low density Biolite 3 core for a lightweight feel with maximum response.

Wakeboard Picks

Pick 1

Hyperlite Freepress

A clean and simple shape built atop a Blended 3-Stage Rocker delivers a fluid feel on the water with a touch of edge hold lining you up for the next feature. The simple flat platform delivers a consistent contact and control point, locking in on features made easy. Longer overall profile combined with thin flex zones make the Freepress one of our most flexible shapes, hitting a Flex Factor of 5. Constructed with our Bamboo Pop Top, JB’s Freepress bears a lively feel with insane rebound and spring back.

Pick 2

Ronix One Blackout

The One series works well for intermediate riders all the way up to one of the Ronix owners, Danny Harf, who can land a 1260. New for this year we widened the board creating a bigger sweet spot for added stability, that also can be ridden at slower speeds. A shape that is known for making every wake jump feel like a double up now has even more kick to it. A refined freeride feel continues in our lightweight, advanced Blackout Construction. 

Pick 3

Ronix Vault


The Ronix Vault is the foundation to wakeboarding and is the perfect entry level board. Now lighter and with more feel on the water. With 20% of the weight taken off this years model the rider has more feedback with the water, less swing weight in the air, and easier transitioned turns. The vault is the perfect board to learn to wakeboard with its wide nose and tail and large sweet spot you can get big turns and less chance of crashing on edge. The vault is forgiving, easy and fun to ride

Pick 4

Hyperlite Murray Pro

Countless hours on the water have lead Shaun and Nelson to create this advanced shape and the feedback has been mind-blowing. Whether you're looking for a relaxing and enjoyable ride, or taking your riding to the next level with spins, flips, and full sends, this is the perfect board for riders of all skill levels 

Wake Foil

Pick 1

Liquid Force Launch

Built for the first time foiler, the Launch Foil Board features a large planing surface and a thinner cross section similar to a wakeboard. This allows for easy board control and smooth deep water starts. The overall width of the board, flat tail rocker, chine rails, and wide shovel nose aid in the process of learning how the foil reacts while riding at slower speeds. As it says in its name, the Launch is the perfect board to get you out of the water and into the air.

First time foiling? No problem, this kit was built with you and mind. A small 24" Alloy Mast to keep you comfortable while beginning your foil career. Injection molded stabilizer wing to keep things easy and balanced and the perfect front wing for learning with the Flite 120 to allow you to "feel" the foil at low speeds before you start flying. Make it easy on yourself and your friends and learn to foil on the Launch Foil Set.

Pick 2

Phase 5 Chip

The Chip is re-designed for 2022. With a sleek outline that is geared for the most advanced foil riders. The Chip is ready to deliver yet another entirely new foiling experience. The sensation of flying across the water without seeing the nose of a board underneath is awesome. The complete Chip Board + Foil package comes with the Phase Five Nova Foil. The Phase Five Nova Surf Foil Package comes with the larger 760 Front Wing with neoprene covers. The 760 Wing increases overall lift and stability compared to its predecessor. In addition the 760 Front Wing delivers even more side-to-side stability which is essential to making the sport accessible to first time foilers.

Life Vest