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HO Carbon Omni Water Ski 2024 - BoardCo

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HO Carbon Omni Water Ski 2024

Sale price$699.99
Select Size:MED (67 in)

HO Water Ski Size Chart | Crossover Water Skis

Board Length (in) Rider (lbs)
Carbon Omega Max 65 Up to  150
Carbon Omega Max 66 150-180
Carbon Omega Max 67 180-210
Carbon Omega Max 68 210+
Women's Carbon Omega Max 65 Up to 150
Women's Carbon Omega Max 66 150-180
Women's Carbon Omega Max 67 180+
Carbon Omni 65 Up to 150
Carbon Omni 67 150-200
Carbon Omni 69 200-250
Carbon Omni (Wide) 67 200-250
Carbon Omni (Wide) 69 250+
Women's Carbon Omni 63 Up to 110
Women's Carbon Omni 65 110-150
Women's Carbon Omni 67 150+
Pickup available at Springville Usually ready in 1 hour

HO Carbon Omni Water Ski 2024

MED (67 in)


Pickup available, usually ready in 1 hour

1015 N 2000 W
Springville UT 84663
United States


Maximize Your Water Skiing Potential with the HO Carbon Omni – The Crossover Champion for Every Water Condition!

  • High-Efficiency Design: The Clean Edge Tail and Carbon Laminates offer exceptional acceleration with minimal effort.
  • Enhanced Control and Performance: Hybrid width and a 4-Stage Rockerline ensure high-performance turns and stable acceleration.
  • Forgiving and Stable: High Volume Concave and larger bevels provide increased stability and forgiveness, ideal for varied water conditions.

The HO Carbon Omni Water Ski, now in its Mark II version, is the quintessential choice for skiers seeking a high-performance, versatile ski. Enhanced with a modernized rockerline featuring dual flat spots, it offers a perfect balance of agility and stability. The deeper concave and larger bevels further enhance stability, making it forgiving in a variety of water conditions. This ski's crossover shape brilliantly blends aggressive skiing capabilities with the efficiency needed for open water adventures. Whether you're pushing your limits or enjoying a leisurely ride, the Carbon Omni's advanced features like the Clean Edge Tail, Hybrid Width, and Carbon Laminates, combined with the Syndicate Adjustable Fin, ensure a top-notch skiing experience that adapts to your evolving skills and the ever-changing water beneath you.

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