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High-End Surf Style Boards

Why Surf Style?

As Wake Surf boats become more high-tech and user-friendly, boaters are now able to customize their surf wave to their liking, no matter the circumstances. If your wave produces a small and lengthy wave, there will be a board for you or if your wave is steep and short, there will still be a board that fits your wave. In most cases, regardless of how long or steep your wave is, a Surf Style Wake Surf Board will always fit!

High-End Wake Surf Boards

Just like any sport, there are a variety of different shoes, balls, rackets, and clubs that can help you perform your best. This idea is especially true in the sport of Wakesurfing. High-End Wake Surf Boards are easy to spot... just pay attention to the price tag! With nearly all models and brands of boards, the more you pay, the more confidence you can have in knowing that the materials within that board are the best available. Materials such as EPS Foam, Carbon Fiber, and Varial Foam are as good as it gets when it comes to Surf Style because of their lightweight and responsive feel.

Weight & Response

As you come closer to finding the right board for you, it becomes crucial to determine what kind of ride you hope to get and how much control you have over that ride. If you hope to control 100% of its speed, flex, and drive, you will surely need a lightweight and responsive board. Lightweight boards will feature that EPS Foam and Carbon Fiber; the lightest materials to date that are on the market. These two lightweight materials will generally give you an ultra-responsive feel while you're on the water. Doing anything from a simple bottom turn, to a snappy carve, or a big air, will be far easier to accomplish when you have a responsive board.

High-End Favorites from BoardCo

Our team of Gear Experts live and breathe surfing. Here is a list of their favorite, High-End Surf Style Boards...

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