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What kind of Wake Foil do I start on?

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Wake Foils

Wake Foils have been on the market for years now, but the complexity of the wings, masts, and boards has caused a lot of confusion as to which Foil Set is best for each skill level. Lets take an in-depth look as to how you can determine what Board, Mast, and Wing you'll need for each skill level.


It is important to note that the boat from which you are Foiling behind will not be the decision maker for which Foil Set will be best for you. If you are riding behind a 2024 Nautique G25, 2009 Malibu Wakesetter, 2015 Mastercraft Pro star, or even a Sea-Doo, any foil will essentially work. All you need is a watercraft that will produce a swell, to allow for your Foil Wing to engage and give you lift and speed.


Wake foil boards will usually be the easiest piece of the Foil Kit to choose; as the size of the board will play a small role in the actual performance. Wake foil boards are built like wake surf boards in both construction material and sizing. When choosing between sizes, first ensure that you meet the suggested weight range to any board. You can not choose a wrong size of Foil Board, as the Wing will determine whether or not the Foil will support your weight. For example, a rider who is 5'10", 180lbs would do just as well riding a 3'9" board as they would on a 4'4" board.


Similar to Wakesurf boards, Wakefoil boards come in a variety of shapes and materials, both of which will determine how advanced the board might be. Something like the Liquid Force Launch Board, will be easy for any Foiler to identify as a beginner and entry-level board due to its material and subsequent price. The Launch board is built with a High density foam core and compression molded. This construction material creates a heavy-weight board that allows for greater control, stability and an overall consistent feel. All in all, the Launch board is the best board available for anyone who has little to no experience with Foiling or Wakesurfing.


9 times out of 10, a board like the Liquid Force Nebula, will be the best option for any skill level of rider. The Nebula is considered an Intermediate-Advanced level ride and for the listed price, it would be well worth it to go with this high-end board so that you don't have to upgrade for a few years. The Nebula comes in at just under $800, featuring Liquid Force's Dura-Surf construction, Carbon Inlays, and a fan favorite - Corduroy Traction Pad. The Nebula is offered in both a 3'8" and a 4'2" option. So no matter your height and weight, the Nebula will surely fit you! Overall, it would be worth the purchase to buy a high-end board such as the Nebula, and embrace the steep-learning curve that comes with a higher-end board/foil so that you won't need to drop another couple thousand dollars to upgrade in a few years.

Majik Karpet

If you want to know what's possible in the sport of Wake foiling, make a quick google search of, Noah Flegel, watch some of his Foil Videos and you'll get a quick glimpse of what you can one day achieve behind the boat. The Majik Karpet is Noah's first Wake foil specific, signature-series board from Hyperlite. This board has some similar features to the Nebula; such as a Corduroy Traction Pad and Durashell material, but what really allows the Majik Karpet to stand out is its thickness. This Butch Customs Board has an increased volume to allow for more forgiveness and agility down the wave. Again, the Majik Karpet is the pinnacle of all Wake foil boards as it is tailored for a more advanced ride, but surely, any level of rider could still shred on it.


The difference in wake foil masts are simple to understand... the shorter the mast, the more stability you have and the longer the mast, the more agility you gain. Looking at the Ronix Koal Shift Foil, you can fully grasp this idea. The Ronix Shift Foil features an adjustable mast that allows you to lengthen from 14" to 20". Starting out at 14" allows you to gain a feel for the foil and how to gain speed. As you become more comfortable, you can lengthen the mast to 17" and 20" to give you more speed, agility and the ability to pump the foil in the flat water. Most wake foil masts are offered in a 27" to 29" option.


Wake foil wings are where it all comes down to! The Wing is the heart and soul of the entire kit and what deteremines the possibilities of your foiling experience. Wings can be very confusing and difficult to understand as each brand uses their own terminology, however, there is still a universal map to each wing. This universal map can be broken down into two categories: High Aspect and Low Aspect.

High Aspect

High Aspect wings will tend to be more of an Intermediate to Advanced ride as these wings generate more speed and agility. A high aspect ratio wing will typically have a longer and more narrow shape. This long, thin and narrow shape will produce less drag, generate more lift, and allow you to carve with less effort on the wave. High Aspect wings such as the MK 1200, Phase 5 Go Foil Series, and Ronix Shadow Carbon are just a few of these High Aspect Ratio Wings.

Low Aspect

You guessed it! Low Aspect wings are the exact opposite of the High Aspect, however, there are a couple important exceptions. A low aspect wing will typically be shorter, wider and thicker. With the exception being that there will still be no drag and you will still be able to generate lift and carve, but just with less ease. These low aspect wings are great for beginners and heavier riders. Wings like the Hyperlite Booster 1300, Ronix Balance Front Wing, Liquid Force Horizon, and the Liquid Force Launch are great examples of some starter wings.

Just Remember, you can't go wrong when finding your wake foil. If you want to spend a little more to get an advanced foil package so that you don't need to circle back and drop another few thousand dollars the following season, go for it! If you want to start out slow and really get the hang of it, going with the Ronix Koal Shift Foil and then upgrading a season or two later, that will totally work! 

Wake Foiling is amazing so embrace the learning curve and trust the process!