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Do Fins Impact the Quality of your Surf Board?

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Do Fins Really Matter?

Wake surf fins serve a variety of purposes and depending on what board you have, the impact of what kind of fins you use can make all the difference. When it comes to Skim boarding, choosing whether or not to use fakie fins or not even a fin at all, your entire experience is changed. Surf style boards offer more variety when it comes to fin options and you'll surely want to be educated on how many and how long of a fin you need.

Our BoardCo team recently tested out the different fin setups for the Ronix Beaux Skimmer, Ronix DNA and the Soulcraft Superfly R-Series. Let's check out their reviews and thoughts as to which setup is best!

Ronix Beaux Skimer

The Ronix Beaux Skimmer is new for 2024 and headlines Ronix' premium skim style lineup. The Beaux Skimmer features an ultra thin profile, sharp rails, carbon fiber laminates and an aero-space grade spread tow fabric, exclusive to Ronix. The board is offered in a 4'5" and a 4'10", offering enough variety for all sizes. The Board comes stocked with a 1.8" Center Nub Fin and a 1" Standard Center Fin, both of which use Ronix' Blueprint installation technology.

Ashley, a member of our Gear Experts team, noted the difference between the Standard and Nub Center Fins, saying:

"I felt that the Nub fin was slightly more stable and it kept me in the wave a lot better. It also helped me out more with 360's in comparison to the blueprint 1" fin because it felt like it stabilized my rear foot as I came back around on my spin."

Ronix DNA

The Ronix DNA is also a new addition to the Ronix Premium Surf line for 2024. The DNA features a thicker profile, blended rails, S-Glass material and carbon laminates. The board is offered in a 4'5" and a 4'11". Its wider profile allows for greater speeds that can cater to heavier riders and less experienced riders, even though the board is built for an advanced level crew. The DNA comes a standard Blueprint fin pair and a brand new fin set, the Flo Thru Surf. 

Conner, the head of the Gear Experts team, said the following about the Flo Thru Fin after a set on the boat:

"When it comes to carving, I felt like I could break free way easier cause the water literally goes through the gap in the fins. The Flo Thru fin just gave me so much speed down the line and that speed helped me greatly as I came into a 360."

Soulcraft Superfly R-Series

The Soulcraft Superfly remains at the top of all wake surf boards due to the high-end construction material and nearly unmatchable performance in the R-Series line. The Superfly features a full-length carbon stringer, basalt and hemp squeeze at the tail, and the industry leading material, EPS foam. The Superfly is offered in a variety of sizes and comes standard with the 100% Carbon Fiber, Ultra Carbon Fin.

Ashton, one of our Gear Experts, took the Superfly to the water to test out the difference in feel when riding the Ultra Carbon Fins versus a pair of plastic Soulcraft Fins. He said, "You can really tell a difference when you're doing some simple carves with the Carbon fins because of how responsive it is. That clipped tail mixed with the lightweight allows me to break free a lot easier. The plastic fins aren't bad by any means but you just don't get that response like you do with the carbon fins."

To answer the question simply; yes, surf fins will impact the quality of your ride for better or for worse.