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Beginner Wake Surf Boards from Hyperlite

After spending a hefty amount of money on your new boat, it's time to deck the boat out with all the gear. Specifically finding the best wake surf board to start out on can be pretty tricky, but Hyperlite has perfected their beginner board lineup to make it as easy as possible for you.

Here are BoardCo's top Hyperlite Wakesurf board picks that won't break the bank for you.

1. Hyperlite Broadcast

Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board 2022 - BoardCoComing into 2024, the Broadcast still holds the title as the most popular wake surf board on the market. The Broadcast retains this title due to its cost, performance, and feel. Priced at $439.99, you will not be able to find another wakesurfer that comes close to this price in regards to performance. This surf style board generates a lot of speed to help you stay in the sweet spot of your wave at all times. While its wider profile gives you great balance and stability. A commonly disregarded feature to the Broadcast is the Ultra Grade EVA Traction Pad. This EVA Traction Pad is as soft as it gets, making it a very user-friendly surfboard that is suitable for all ages and skill-levels.

2. Hyperlite Hi-Fi

Hyperlite Hi-Fi Wakesurf Board 2024 - BoardCoThe Hi-Fi is the greatest compliment to the Broadcast as it offers you everything that the Broadcast lacks. The Hi-Fi is a true skim style board that gives you the ability to customize your fin setup. You can ride all 3, 1" fins for added stability or simply ride the 1, 1" fin in the back. This fin setup, combined with a thin profile, pin-style nose and tail, gives you a loose and very agile ride. Whether you're hoping to land your first 360 or shuv-it, the Hi-Fi will give you enough momentum and response to land it. Coming in at $599.99, the Hi-Fi is the best price-point skim board on the market. 

3. Hyperlite Landlock

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board 2022 - BoardCoComing in at 5 feet and 9 inches, the Landlock is the best-selling longboard style surfer to date. This Landlock gives you that longboard style, ocean surfing feel that makes you want to head out to Hawaii and experience the real thing. Whether you're an advanced level rider that's just looking to kick back and cruise, or a beginner with no experience, the landlock will meet your needs. This 5'9" board comes with 3 Hyperlite Fish Fins to give you some added traction and stability down the line of the wave. At a final price of $459.99, the Landlock will compliment any boat on the water from a 2006 Mastercraft X30 to a 2024 Nautique Paragon.

4. Hyperlite Shim

Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board 2023 - BoardCoIf you're not sure whether the Broadcast or Hi-Fi would best fit your needs, the Shim will always be the best option due to its Hybrid features. The Shim was built using Hyperlite's DuraShell construction material. The DuraShell creates a lightweight and durable board that subsequently gives the rider added speed down the wave. The sharp rails, diamond tail shape, and fast rocker line will give you the right blend of surf style and skim style surfing. A board like this at $599.99 is surely the best option for anyone and everyone who needs to find their footing.

5. Hyperlite Buzz

Hyperlite Buzz Wakesurf Board 2024 - BoardCoAs one of Scott Bouchards, custom Butch Boards for 2024, the Buzz offers a unique blend of surf and skim style capabilities. Similar to the Shim, the Buzz is built with Hyperlite DuraShell material, but it does have a compression molded center to add extra weight to the board. The Buzz has a wider nose for extra speed but it features a tapered tail design, to allow the rider to maneuver the board with ease. The Buzz comes with 2, 3.5" Fins and a trailer fin for a true surf style feel, but with its thinner profile, the rider can really feel connected to the water like that of a skim board. Priced at $579.99, this Butch Customs Board is an excellent choice for any beginner.