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Whats new for 2024 from Phase 5?


Phase 5 has been leading the Wakesurf Industry for years and that lead seems to widen each year with the introduction of new and innovative wake surf boards. Phase 5 remains true to its mission in creating high-end quality products, that deliver the highest potential when it comes to performance. Come see what Phase 5 has to offer this year in the field of Wakesurfing and Wakefoiling.

Phase 5 Performance Line

Phase 5 has kept its Wake Surf Performance line fairly similar because if it isn't broken, don't bother fixing it! Within the Performance line, you have boards like the Shrimp, Scamp, Fish, Avenger, Prop, Oogle, Diamond CL, and the XB. All of these boards are built to deliver high-end performance, without breaking the bank. They are built with a Composolite Construction that is unique only to Phase 5, a Polyester Resin, and another Phase 5 exclusive, Tuffcoat Gloss. These materials create a lightweight and responsive board that allows you to take your surfing to the next level.

Phase 5 Premium Line

Once you've reached that next level of Wakesurfing, you're ready to explore the Premium line of Phase 5 Skim style and Surf style boards. These Premium boards consist of the:


All of these Skim and Hybrid Boards have received a make over for 2024, with the most noticeable changes and additions seen on the Hammerhead, Mindset, and Key Jett Shreds.

Updated Shape of the 2024 Hammerhead 

The Hammerhead continues to fulfill its mission of being the best 'Revert' board on the market with its Blunt Nose & Tail, Peanut shape, and Continuous Rocker. However, the Nose and Tail have received slight updates to create an even smoother experience when riding revert. The Nose and Tail will feature a tapered-in rail to allow for a quicker transition when switching to and from a revert stance.

All New Mindset and Jett Shreds Skim Boards 

The introduction of the new Mindset and Jett Shreds boards have allowed smaller riders to experience the thrill of high-end skim style riding as never seen before. The Mindset features a similar shape, outline, and core as the Matrix but with a smaller width. The Jett Shreds is also identical to the Key but with that smaller width. This difference in width allows riders with smaller feet to have more control over their board so that spins and shuv-its are easier to perform.

Surf Style

All of the Surf Style boards continue to have the same construction material and outline but the most noticeable changes are that of the Ahi.

Updated Ahi Shape

John Akerman has designed his pro model Ahi board to give him the most authentic ocean style surfing experience possible. The two main updates to this years Ahi are found at the mid-section and tail end of the board. This years Ahi features a wider mid-section, allowing for greater control and stability and a wider moon-shaped tail, allowing for more speed down the line. A combination of these two updates give the rider more control and speed on the wave, leading to bigger airs.