Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurf Board 2018

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The butter bar is Slingshots #1 seller within the wakesurf line for one simple reason: It’s the king of surfing almost any wave, big or small, round or steep. The flat rocker line makes the board extremely fast and gives surfers the best chance of a slack line and the freedom of a 100% wave-propelled surf session. The butter bar’s full EVA deck pad allows surfers to stand anywhere on the board and the tri-fin setup leaves plenty of room to experiment with the traction, speed, and stability of the board. Also if you’ve got a tidbit of that skate blood running through your veins, the butter bar is a blast for your skate style tricks without that rough patch of concrete below.

52" 100-250lbs

56" 125-275lbs

• Great for first-time surfers 
• Less buoyancy, easier deep water starts 
• Skim style great for learning spins and skate style tricks 
• Fast and efficient, ideal for smaller wave sizes 
• Full Deck pad  

Classic pintail skimboard shape:
The Butter Bar features a wide midsection, tapered tip and tail and a classic skimboard pin tail. It’s fast and agile, with a washy feel that’s perfect for practicing spins, shuvits and other skate-inspired tricks.

2” G10 tri-fin setup: 
Three 2” screw-on fins provide the perfect balance of freedom and grip. Not too loose, not too grippy; the Butter Bar is right in the middle, just the way you want a skim to feel. 

 Mild nose rocker: 
Not your flat plywood skim, the Butter bar features a noticeable nose rocker that helps prevent pearling and allows riders sit deeper in the pocket without having to worry about nose-diving.


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