The best wakesurf boards for every rider style, size, and skill level and price point.

Whether you're new to wakesurfing and choosing your first boards or a seasoned veteran looking for the next board to put in your quiver, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Let's simplify life and narrow the field for you so you can get out from behind the screen and on the water making memories!

The place to start for new riders

Hybrid Surfers

Hybrid wakesurf boards provide the perfect platform for beginner riders and learning which style of riding you like best.

As the name suggests, hybrid boards offer characteristics from both surf and skim style which means they are good at everything but don't max out the potential of either style.

Surf Style Boards

Surf style wakesurf boards carry the history and tradition of ocean surfing to lakes everywhere.

Longer fins and more rounded rails will have you doing powerful bottom turns and big airs.

Skim Style Boards

If you like a fast and skate like feel while you're surfing, you're looking for a skimmer.

Skim Style Boards are made to be fast on the wave and allow you to spin and maneuver with ease.

Kids SurfBoards

Your kids will have a better time and learn faster on a board that is made for them.

The smaller size and volume of kids boards make them easier to get up on and have kids smiling faster than trying to use grown up boards.