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Everything you need to know about wake foiling

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Are you thinking of getting into wake foiling and want to know exactly where it can go and what you can do? I’ll teach you everything you need to know so you can have an absolute blast with the newest craze in the surfing world. 

The Board

  • Wake foil boards are often made of a durable outer shell to help protect them from damage.
  • The top of the board will resemble a normal wake surfboard and the bottom of the board will have a track system where you attach the foil to the board. 
  • The further back on the track system you are the less lift you will have and as you move to the middle and the front of the track system the more lift you will get. 
  • Just like any surfboard, a wake foil comes in different designs and sizes

The Mast

  • The Mast is the key component that connects your foil to the board and the wing system to the bottom of the mast
  • Designed to knife through the water with no drag
  • The most important part of a wake foil
  • There are two main types of masts 
    • Extruded Aluminum which is very strong and a little heavier
    • Carbon fiber which is going to be a little bit lighter


The Fuselage

  • The most important thing with the fuselage is the length
  • The longer the fuselage the more stable your ride will be
  • The shorter the fuselage makes the foil system turn better and more maneuverable but less stable 


The Wings


  • The front wing on the foil is what makes everything work and works just like an airplane
  • When water passes over the wing it creates lift and the best speed to create lift is the same as your wake surf speed
  • Front wings vary in size from 1200 to 1600 cm^2 
  • The back wing is the fine tuner and is used to stabilize the wake foil

Once you have found that Wakefoil that fits you and your boat, give us a call at (801) 491-3710 and we’ll help you get all set up with a new board. Or go check out our website and see all the boards we have in stock right now!