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3 Questions to Answer When Buying Wakeboard

Looking to buy a Wakeboard? I’ll give you the breakdown of exactly what you should be looking for so you can get the perfect board for what you need. Here are 3 questions you need to answer when you are buying aboard. 

 Who is this board for?
  • Beginner 
    • Made for the whole boat
    • Fits a wide variety of riders
    • Easily adjustable 
  • Intermediate
    • Made for the riders looking to up their wakeboarding skills
    • A board for any type of rider
  • Advanced
    • Advanced style riders will usually know what board they are looking for
    • If you are buying for an advanced rider give them a call and see what they like or check out our gift cards
What are you wanting to do on the board?
  • Beginner: For those learning the basics of getting up and carving around
  • Intermediate: For those who are trying to up their wakeboarding abilities like learning to jump the wake 
  • Advanced: For those looking to lock in their flips and spins and looking for the newest and nicest model 
What size board are you looking for?
  • Beginner: Default to the largest rider on the boat
  • Intermediate: Size to those who will be riding the board the most
  • Advanced: Size to the specific rider 
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Once you’ve found the right style of Wakeboard that fits you and your boat, give us a call at (801) 491-3710 and we’ll help you get all set up with a new board. Or go check out our website and see all the boards we have in stock right now!