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3 things you need to know before buying a Wakesurf Board

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Buying a Wakesurf Board? Not sure what type of board you want? The right board can make all the difference when you are surfing! Below you can get a breakdown of the 3 different styles of Wakesurf Boards so you can get the perfect board for you and your boat! Ensuring that you get the board that is going to give you the best surf experience every time you surf. 

 Surf Style

  • A true surf style board typically has large fins that are curved, and deep that are usually 2 - 5 inches long.
  • The large fins give you more control over the board and they create lots of drive, and power.
  • Very similar to an ocean style surfboard.
  • Best for carving, maneuvering, and air off the top of the wave

Skim Style

  • Skim style boards have very small fin shapes, giving you a little bit of stability and traction you need so the board isn’t sliding out from under you.
  • Skim style boards are thin and made to be very fast so you can slide and skate across the water helping you to keep up with the wave
  • Best for spins maneuvers and sliding on the top of the wave

Hybrid Style

  • Hybrid style boards are a blend of both surf style and skim style boards.
  • Hybrid boards have mid sized fins, giving you traction and control but are not designed to give you power and drive.
  • Best for regular use and teaching those new riders how to surf. 
  • A hybrid style board is a board you are always going to keep and use on your boat

Boardco’s Favorites

Once you’ve found the right style of Wakesurf board that fits you and your boat, text us or give us a call at (801) 491-3710 and we’ll help you get all set up with a new board.