Ronix Koal / Alloy Fluid SHIFT Mast Wake Foil Package 2023 - BoardCo
Ronix Koal / Alloy Fluid SHIFT Mast Wake Foil Package 2023 - BoardCo
Ronix Koal / Alloy Fluid SHIFT Mast Wake Foil Package 2023 - BoardCo


Ronix Koal / Alloy Fluid SHIFT Mast Wake Foil Package 2024

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Learn to foil with ease with Ronix's revolutionary SHIFT mast! Now anyone and everyone can foil

Never has foiling been so easy and so much fun. The adjustable mast and stable wing give you the perfect opportunity to learn how to foil and to do it with a smile on your face. 

727 Koal Surface Wake Foil Board

  • Designed and incorporated from the the Ronix Flyweight Pro series, but wrapped in a bulletproof surface skin
  • Built like your favorite high end surfer, durable like your favorite wakeboard, and a skin the breaks up the water less resistance
  • 10” track length with industry standard 3.5” width between tracks
  • Foil Specific Design - made for the best foiling experience possible
  • Designed to deflect the water keeping you off the water on the engaging foil and not just riding the board 
  • Comes with a foil kit box complete with all the tools and hardware you need
  • Padded bag - a high end bag with interior pouches labeled for each product
  • Removable wing covers - portable covers to protect your wings while in the boat

Alloy Fluid SHIFT Mast

  • Have you gotten up on a wakesurfer but cant get up on a wakefoil? Ronix has created the world's first and industry first telescoping wakefoil mast. Made for those learning to foil and for those trying to progress past the beginning stages
  • The Fluid Shift mast takes flight at an initial height of 14” inches then can be moved up two more times to 17” inches and 20” inches giving the new rider the perfect platform to start on.
  • With the ability to shift the height on the fluid mast in the matter of a few seconds you will find yourself foiling better and longer
  • Ronix made foiling a whole lot easier and a lot more fun for the whole family. The days of being bucked off the foil are now over!
  • The lowest 14” height setting will minimize the flight ability and magnify your chances of getting up and cruising around
  • As you build your confidence you can then position the mast towards the center of the tracks and gradually raise the height by 5” increments
  • Ride the same set up and get a totally different experience you can now have a beginner and advanced foiler riding on the same set up and loving it


  • Koal Surface 727 Foilboard - 4’1 or 4’8 length
  • Alloy Fluid Shift 3 in 1 Adjustable Mast - 14’ - 17’ and 20’ adjustments
  • Link 3D Fuselage - 39 cm length
  • Hybrid Carbon Balance Front Wing - 1300 cm volume
  • Hybrid Carbon Navigator Rear Stabilizer - 240 cm volume
  • Padded Foil Kit Bag
  • Removable Front & Rear Wing protectors
  • Hardware / Case
  • T - Handle Tool
  • Fuselage Tip Protector