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HO Women's Omni w/WMN Stance 110 Dbl Water Ski Package 2024

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Select Package Options:SM (63 in) | WMN Stance 110 Dbl 5.5-9.5

HO Water Ski Size Chart | Crossover Water Skis

Board Length (in) Rider (lbs)
Carbon Omega Max 65 Up to  150
Carbon Omega Max 66 150-180
Carbon Omega Max 67 180-210
Carbon Omega Max 68 210+
Women's Carbon Omega Max 65 Up to 150
Women's Carbon Omega Max 66 150-180
Women's Carbon Omega Max 67 180+
Carbon Omni 65 Up to 150
Carbon Omni 67 150-200
Carbon Omni 69 200-250
Carbon Omni (Wide) 67 200-250
Carbon Omni (Wide) 69 250+
Women's Carbon Omni 63 Up to 110
Women's Carbon Omni 65 110-150
Women's Carbon Omni 67 150+
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HO Women's Omni w/WMN Stance 110 Dbl Water Ski Package 2024

SM (63 in) | WMN Stance 110 Dbl 5.5-9.5


Pickup currently unavailable

1015 N 2000 W
Springville UT 84663
United States


HO Women's Omni with Women's Stance 110 Double Boot Water Ski Package

  • Comprehensive Women's Water Ski Package: The Omni stands out as a top choice for female skiers seeking a ski that excels in versatility and all-around performance on various water surfaces.
  • Advanced Stability and Control: This ski boasts a modern rockerline, deep concave, and larger bevels, ensuring greater stability and forgiveness, ideal for skiers at every level.
  • Peak Performance Design: The Omni's hybrid width and clean edge tail, coupled with its classic construction, enable easier turns and consistent performance, especially in challenging water conditions.
  • Double Stance 110 Boots for Enhanced Comfort: Equipped with two Stance 110 boots, this package offers unmatched lateral flexibility and comfort, ensuring a secure and forgiving fit for the skier.

The HO Women's Omni Water Ski Package with double Stance 110 boots is designed for skiers who prioritize both performance and comfort. The HO Omni ski is a market leader in versatility, providing effortless maneuverability and a smooth ride. Its construction focuses on enhancing skier control and stability. The dual Stance 110 boots, known for their flexibility and comfortable fit, complement the ski perfectly, offering a balanced and responsive skiing experience. Ideal for speeds of 24 - 32 MPH, this package is an excellent choice for women skiers looking to advance their skills and enjoy the thrill of water skiing with a reliable and comfortable setup.

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