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Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf Board 2022

Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf Board 2022
Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf Board 2022
The Ahi features a full tail profile with a pulled in nose shape, allowing it to flow from rail to rail and perform slashes, carves, bottom turns and more with ease. With a quad fin setup, you have all the customizability to get the exact tight or loose feel that you prefer.
The nimble outline allows the Ahi to spin 360s easier than lots of other surf style boards. The Ahi is a board focused on giving both excellent performance and reliability for less experienced riders. The Ahi is tuned to be quick and responsive for advanced riders, but manageable for beginner to intermediate riders. If you want to hone your technical surf skills, the Ahi is ready.

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