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Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf Board 2021

Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf Board 2021
Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf Board 2021


Nimble Surf Style Ripper
- The Ahi features a full tail profile with a pulled in nose shape, allowing it to quickly flow from rail to rail and perfrom slashes, carves, bottom turns and more with ease

Quad or Twin Fin Setup
- The fin setup on the Ahi can be customized to ride as a quad fin or twin fin setup - allowing either a tighter or looser feel

FLEXtec V2 Construction
- A blend of innegra, carbon and EPS foam for the best mix of durability, speed and feel on the water

Great Spinning Surf Style
- The nimble outline allows the Ahi to spin 360s easier than lots of other surf style boards

John Akerman Pro Series
The Ahi is the surf style weapon of choice for 2018 World Champion John Akerman

The Ahi is a board focused on giving both excellent performance and reliability for less experienced riders. The P5 Ahi is based on the popular Aku - a favorite in the Phase 5 line for the past few years. The Ahi borrows some of the great features of the Aku while adding a new quad fin option, faster speedline and more pulled in nose for faster rail to rail transitions. The Ahi is a great choice for any rider looking for a great performing surf style slasher. This shape lends itself to speedy turns and ample boost to air off the lip. The Ahi's running surface is a speed engine that accelerates quickly when you shift weight to your front foot. Drop way back on the wave and let it rip!

The Ahi runs dual 4.3" surf fins along with inside surf nubs that are configured to increase tracking and drive, while still releasing smoothly off the wake for airs and lipslides. The all-new CudaSkin layup and the addition of a carbon fiber stringer system give this board the strongest, stiffest, fastest and most durable construction available on a surf style board.

The Ahi is tuned to be quick and responsive for advanced riders, but manageable for beginner to intermediate riders. If you want to hone your technical surf skills, the Ahi is ready.

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