Our favorite surf style boards

If you're in search of a surf-style board for the upcoming season, be sure to explore our carefully curated selection. Each board is uniquely designed with distinct characteristics to perfectly align with your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize agility, speed, or stability, our range offers a board that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ensuring every ride is as thrilling as it is rewarding. Discover the ideal board that will transform your wake surfing experience and elevate your performance on the water.

Ronix Flyweight Atlantik

The Ronix Flyweight Atlantik is crafted for the wake surfer who desires unmatched lightness and maneuverability. This board features a cutting-edge design that combines ultra-light materials with a streamlined shape to optimize every aspect of wave riding. The Flyweight Atlantik is particularly adept at quick, snappy turns and allows for effortless air time, thanks to its reduced weight and enhanced board feel. Its construction promotes a responsive connection to the wave, ideal for surfers who enjoy a playful yet powerful session. Whether navigating tight pockets or launching off massive waves, the Ronix Flyweight Atlantik provides a high-performance experience that prioritizes agility and fluid motion.

Phase 5 Phantom

The Phase 5 Phantom excels as the ultimate choice for wake surfers who prize adaptability and performance in diverse conditions. Engineered for a balanced experience, this board combines the right measures of stability and agility, enabling surfers to adjust seamlessly to varying wave dynamics. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction offers the perfect mix for initiating swift maneuvers and maintaining momentum on smaller waves. The Phantom is ideal for those who seek a reliable board capable of adapting to both gentle glides and more vigorous surf, ensuring precision handling and memorable rides every time.

Liquid Force POD

The Liquid Force POD is a dynamic choice for the wake surfer seeking both performance and creativity in their rides. Designed with a focus on responsiveness and fluidity, the POD allows riders to push their limits and explore new maneuvers with ease. Its construction emphasizes a lightweight yet robust design, enabling quick, sharp turns without sacrificing stability. This board excels in generating and maintaining speed, making it ideal for executing complex tricks and big airs. Perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers, the Liquid Force POD ensures that every wave is an opportunity for innovation and thrill.

Hyperlite Accelerator

The Hyperlite Accelerator is engineered for the wake surfer who thrives on speed and precision. This board is designed to cut through water with minimal drag, providing an exceptionally fast and smooth ride. Its sleek profile and strategic weight distribution enhance its stability at high speeds, making it ideal for aggressive surfers looking to make quick, decisive moves. The Accelerator’s responsive nature allows for instant acceleration off the wake, facilitating high-flying tricks and deep carves. Perfect for riders seeking a high-performance board, the Hyperlite Accelerator delivers both exhilarating speed and reliable control, redefining the boundaries of wake surfing.

Flyweight pro dna

The Flyweight Pro DNA is designed for the discerning wake surfer who seeks top-tier performance and state-of-the-art features. This board is all about enhancing the rider's ability to perform complex tricks with ease and precision. Its lightweight construction, optimized for agility and speed, allows for rapid movements and responsive feedback from the water. The Pro DNA is equipped with advanced materials that ensure durability without compromising on the quickness and fluidity of each ride. Perfect for athletes who want to maximize their potential on the water, the Flyweight Pro DNA offers a combination of speed, lightness, and control that can handle both competitive environments and casual sessions with exceptional prowess.

Phase 5 Doctor

The Phase 5 Doctor is crafted for wake surfers who require a board that combines precision engineering with healing performance. Ideal for riders looking to refine their technique and enhance their wave mastery, this board features a unique shape that promotes efficient wave engagement and superior control. Its robust construction is designed to withstand demanding conditions, ensuring durability and consistent performance. With a focus on rehabilitation and progression, the Doctor offers an optimal blend of stability and maneuverability, helping riders recover confidence and skill in their surfing. Whether you're returning from a break or pushing to new heights, the Phase 5 Doctor is the perfect prescription for a successful day on the water.