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Liquid Force Wake Foils Know The Differences

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Liquid Forces has built the ultimate lineup of wake foils. From the best beginner wakefoil packages to the most advanced wake foil packages, Liquid Force has a wake foil for every style of rider. Below you can learn everything you need to know about Liquid Force Wake Foils.

The Liquid Force Launch with the Launch Wake Foil

The Launch with the Launch Wake Foil Package was built for the first time foiler and is the perfect board and foil to learn on. The Launch board features a large planing surface allowing the rider more stability over the foil and a larger area to get their feet set on. This allows for easy board control and smooth deep water starts. The Launch Wake Foil kit comes with a smaller 24" alloy mast made to keep you comfortable while learning to foil. Injection-molded stabilizer wing keeps things easy and balanced and is the perfect front wing for learning with the flite 120 to allow you to "feel" the foil at low speeds before you start flying. 

Liquid Force Pod with the Flite 120 Wake Foil

Liquid Force's award-winning Pod Waksurfer now comes with the addition of a foil track system. Making it the perfect board combination to both surf with and to foil with. The Pod Board comes in a 4'4" and 4'9". The pod is the perfect intermediate wake foil board and is going to help you take your foiling and surfing to the next level. The Flite 120 Wake Foil allows riders to progress quickly through the learning stages and keeps the rider progressing through the intermediate stages. The TC 28 stabilizer, customizable shim kit, and 27" alloy mast make the Flite 120 the perfect intermediate foil.

Liquid Force Nebula with Horizon 160 Wake Foil

The Liquid Force Nebula is a foil-specific board made to take your foil skills to the next level. With a concave deck for enhanced board control, feel, and minimum water contact. The Chine Rail helps to release the board from the water easily and efficiently. The Horizon 160 wing is the most advanced Liquid Force Wake Foil, with a 27" mast. With this mast and wing setup, you can surf the 2nd and even 3rd waves. The Liquid Force Nebula with Horizon 160 is for the more advanced rider and for those who are trying to take their wake foil game to the next level. 

To learn more about wake foils and to find out what wake foil will be best for you and your boat, give us a call at (801) 491-3710 and we’ll help you get all set up with a new foil. Click here to see all the foils we have in stock right now!