Soulcraft Super AV Wakesurf Board 2019

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  • Surface trick surf style master  
  • Quick rail to rail response
  • Can run as either a quad or twin fin setup
  • Great for carves, spins, and quick response
The Super AV is a super responsive board with lightning quick feel on the water. The Super AV features a pulled in nose and tail shape designed for riders that primarily focus on carving, bottom turns and surface tricks. This narrower perimeter at the front and back allows the board to quickly pull from one side to the other and release easily on spins.

This board comes with 2 large fins, 2 small nub fins and front and rear traction pads.


  • 4' 4"   - Performs best for riders 80 - 130 lbs.
  • 4' 7"   - Performs best for riders 100 - 160 lbs.
  • 4' 9" - Performs best for riders 120 - 190 lbs.
Sizing recommendations vary based on wave size and rider ability

Board Profile

  • Wide center with a pulled in nose and tail. This design allows the rail to flow from rail to rail quickly and make spins more natural.

Tail Shape
  • Diamond fang tail that delivers more drive while still releasing easily for spins and airs.

Skill Level
  • Beginner to Advanced. A forgiving shape that isn't too aggressive or difficult for novice surfers. Quick performing shred stick for advanced riders.
  • EPS foam w/ wood stringer. Traditional surf construction for a lively feel and lightweight performance.

  • Stock as a twin fin setup but can be run as a quad fin if desired.

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