Soulcraft Voodoo A-Series Wakesurf Board 2022 DEMO

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Soulcraft Wakesurf Board Size Chart

Board Length (Ft/In) Suggested Rider Weight (lbs)
4'0" 95-120
4'1" 110-130
4'2" 115-135
4'3" 120-140
4'4" 130-155
4'5" 145-175
4'6" 170-205
4'7" 185-220
4'8" 200-235
4'9" 210-245
4'10" 220-255
4'9" 225-260
5'10" 230-265


All Soulcraft wakesurf boards have the same suggested rider weight range based on the length of the board.

High-Performance speed demon
  • Floaty feel with great control
  • Can run as either a quad or twin fin setup
  • Great for big guys and big airs
  • One of the best air boards available
The VooDoo is designed to do 2 things - generate a lot of speed and get huge pop off the wake. The wide nose, rounded tail and thicker profile allows this board to keep up with the wave with minimal effort, making it a great board for bigger guys, smaller waves or those just looking for the fastest board out there. Get ready, this board is a rocket ship!
This board has a floaty feel with great control and can run as either a quad or twin fin setup.

This board comes with 2 large fins, 2 small nub fins and front and rear traction pads.
We cannot accept returns on any Soulcraft wakesurf boards. Due to the construction and the traction customization, they do not qualify for any return or exchange.

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