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Slingshot Solo Wakeboard 2017

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Select Size:142 cm

Slingshot Wakeboard Size Chart

Board Length (cm) Rider (lbs)
Nomad 145 150+
Nomad 150 160+
Nomad 155 170+
Nomad 160 180+
Native 138 140-180
Native 144 165-205
Native 150 190+
Super Grom 125 110
Super Grom 130 125
Super Grom 135 120-160
Coalition 137 155
Coalition 141 185
Coalition 145 210
Salmon 155 140+
Pickup currently unavailable at Springville, UT

Slingshot Solo Wakeboard 2017

142 cm

Springville, UT

Pickup currently unavailable

1015 N 2000 W
Springville UT 84663
United States

 Taking the term "crossover" to a whole new level, the Solo Wakeboard combines virtually all of Slingshot's unique performance features into a single deck. Subtle channels between the feet work to increase traction and stiffen the belly for more pop off the wake, while the center V-Spine helps soften big landings both behind the boat and in the park. New Flex Tip Technology enables locked in presses like never before. And a noticeably narrower profile makes the Solo great for carving. A truly high performance design for well-rounded, high-level riders.