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Liquid Force

Liquid Force Virago w/ Vida 6X Wakeboard Package 2023

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Select Package Options:Virago 137 cm | Vida 6X Size 5-7

Liquid Force Wakeboard Size Chart

Board Length (cm) Rider (lbs)
Remedy Aero 134 90-170
Remedy Aero 138 130-190
Remedy Aero 142 160-210
RDX Aero 134 90-170
RDX Aero 138 130-190
RDX Aero 142 160-210
Unity Aero 139 130-190
Unity Aero 143 160-210
Rhyme 134 120-180
Rhyme 139 140-210
Rhyme 144 160-230
Remedy 134 88-170
Remedy 138 132-190
Remedy 142 158-210
RDX 134 88-170
RDX 138 132-190
RDX 142 158-210
Classic 130 70-140
Classic 134 88-170
Classic 138 132-200
Classic 142 158-230+
Trip 130 60-130
Trip 135 100-170
Trip 139 132-200
Trip 144 158-230+
Fury 115 22-70
Fury 120 40-86
Fury 125 110-190

Get a bulletproof board and binding for a rider who wants to go bigger and ride harder

Liquid Force Virago Wakeboard

  • A board with a responsive feel and flex to power out of any rail or kicker
  • A board made to be fast on the water and solid on the landings
  • The thumb tail is a great rail to rai riding and big air board
  • Get added stability and control from the split core











Rocker Line Profile


  • 3 - Stage rocker line boards provide the most explosive straight-up pop and will give you more air then any other style rocker line. Made for riders who are looking for big airs and 
  • fast boards


  • Continuous rocker line boards provide smooth, consistent airs with more glide up to the wake. Made for riders who are looking for fast, predictable, and effortless takeoffs


  • Hybrid rocker line boards provide a combination of 3 - Stage and Continuous rocker line. Made for a high-end rider that wants different pop on the board depending on how they edge into the wake. While still being made for a mid-level rider that isn’t sure what style of hang time they are looking for

Liquid Force Vida 6X Wakeboard Package

  • The Vida 6X are a high performance binding made to handle whatever you throw at it
  • Get a soft flexible controlled line with a high range of motion without sacrificing a supportive, soft landings on a big tricks
  • The added Honeycomb FlexFloor and canted foot bed keep the riders body aligned for better board to binding connection


  • Meagan Ethell Pro Model
  • 6X Chassis System
  • Medium to Wide Fit | Medium Flex
  • Dual-Zone Lacing w/ Hex Locks
  • Integrated Comfort Foam Upper
  • Articulating Side Panel and Back Cuff Flex Zone
  • Honeycomb Flex Floor and Full-length Chassis Water Drainage System
  • TPE Impact Dampening Base
  • Comfort Integrated EVA Liner
  • Universally Compatible with 6" Inserts and LF FlexTrack Wakeboards
  • Women's Size: 5-7 | 7-9 | 9-11