Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022 - BoardCo
Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022 - BoardCo
Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022 - BoardCo
Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022 - BoardCo
Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022 - BoardCo
Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022 - BoardCo
Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022 - BoardCo
Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022 - BoardCo


Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022

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Select Size:145 cm

Hyperlite Men's Cable Wakeboard Size Chart

Board Length (cm) Rider (lbs)
Blacklist 149 200
Blacklist 152 230
Freepress 145 190
Freepress 148 210
Freepress 151 240
Pleasure 144 150+
Pleasure 148 160+
Pleasure 152 170+
Wishbone 134 140+
Wishbone 138 160+
Wishbone 143 170+
Wishbone 147 170+
Union 134 160
Union 138 180
Union 143 200
Union 147 220
Codyak 130 140
Codyak 143 150+
Codyak 147 160+
Codyak 151 170+
Codyak 155 180+
Wizardstick 147 140+
Wizardstick 152 155+
Wizardstick 157 170+
Ripsaw 135 125+
Ripsaw 138 150+
Ripsaw 142 160+
Ripsaw 145 160+
Pickup available at Springville, UT Usually ready in 1 hour

Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard 2022

145 cm

Springville, UT

Pickup available, usually ready in 1 hour

1015 N 2000 W
Springville UT 84663
United States


Earning himself the opportunity to create his first ever pro model cable wakeboard we paired JB with Aaron Stumpf to create the Freepress. A clean and simple shape built atop a Blended 3-Stage Rocker delivers a fluid feel on the water with a touch of edge hold lining you up for the next feature. The simple flat platform delivers a consistent contact and control point, locking in on features made easy. Longer overall profile combined with thin flex zones make the Freepress one of our most flexible shapes, hitting a Flex Factor of 5. Constructed with our Bamboo Pop Top, JB’s Freepress bears a lively feel with insane rebound and spring back.

  • Woodlite Core
    The perfect core for park boards with a lively feel and deep-rooted durability. 100% lightweight Paulownia is the meat in this gourmet sandwich, 20% lighter than the competition.
  • Blended 3-Stage Rocker
    Our Blended 3-Stage rocker creates explosive vertical pop. Designed to boot a rider off the wake, the Blended rocker line also generates good speed into the wake without the traditional 3-Stage drag.
  • Reinforced Stance Area
    Additional fiberglass laminates to the stance platform managing flex between your feet while increasing flex in the tip & tail.
  • Flat Tip / Tail Base Design
    A minimal shape approach providing a solid connection to features while pressing or a loose feel on a skim style surfer.
  • Bamboo Pop Top
    This additional birch laminate sits between the rider and the first layer of fiberglass, delivering the feel & ollie power of natural wood core boards.
  • Minimum Swing Weight Profile
    Thinning of the tip/tail profile for an effortless feel while spinning flat and during inverts.
  • Parabolic Edge Channels
    Channels that that follow the board's natural edge shape delivering a smooth feel throughout the ride.
  • Sintered Base
    Our Sintered Base material is the strongest, most durable running surface we offer. The Sintered formula undergoes a process that creates a strong bond between particles, making the finished product nearly indestructible. This base option is the perfect choice for the cable park season pass holder.
  • Urethane Sidewall
    Molded urethane flexes seamlessly with a wakeboard and bonds to top and base laminates for a fully bonded super tough construction.
  • Full Beveled Edge
    An angled edge shape, a beveled edge provides forgiveness on features or butter sliding on the water, preventing face plants and running 360 degrees around the board's profile.
  • Aaron Stumpf
    Aaron Stumpf leads the Hyperlite research and development team shaping many of our bestselling wakeboards and surfers. A product design specialist with 25 years of experience, Aaron also creates our manufacturing processes and innovative construction formulas.
  • M6 Inserts
    Delivers a more secure fit of the bolts to the inserts, improving bolt retention keeping binding hardware locked down.