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Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard 2019 - BoardCo


Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard 2019

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Select Size:141 cm

Hyperlite Wakeboard Size Chart

Board Length (cm) Rider (lbs)
Riot Loaded 139 160+
Riot Loaded 142 160+
Riot Loaded 145 170+
Riot Bio 138 160+
Riot Bio 141 165+
Riot Bio 144 170+
Blueprint Loaded 143 160+
Blueprint Loaded 147 160+
Blueprint 143 160+
Blueprint 147 160+
Source Loaded 139 160+
Source Loaded 143 160+
Source 139 160+
Source 143 160+
Rusty Pro 140 160+
Rusty Pro 143 170+
Rusty Pro 146 170+
Relapse 136 140+
Relapse 141 160+
Murray Pro 134 140+
Murray Pro 139 150+
Murray Pro 144 160+
Murray Pro 150 170+
Cryptic 134 140+
Cryptic 138 160+
Cryptic 142 160+
Cryptic 146 170+
Baseline 131 120+
Baseline 136 140+
Baseline 141 160+
Baseline 146 170+
State 130 115
State 135 140+
State 140 150+
State 145 160+
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Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard 2019

141 cm


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1015 N 2000 W
Springville UT 84663
United States



  • Perfect wakeboard to help progress your riding behind the boat
  • Adjustable fin positions to set the stability of your toeside edge
  • Great board for any riding style
  • Experience Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Pop: Smooth release with lots of boost
  • Construction: Traditional glass layup

The Baseline is simply shaped to advance your skills on the wake and help you build a solid base. Shaun Murray and Greg Nelson agree that a solid foundation will allow you to progress in your riding faster and help you have more fun. The Baseline is shaped specifically for creating that solid foundation. The Baseline has a wider overall profile built atop a continuous rocker, delivering a smooth carving board that gets more pop off the wake because of its increased surface area. The clean rocker profile delivers a nice kick off the wake that is smooth and more controlled than the release on other boards. The variable edge rail is forgiving between the bindings but then sharpens towards the tip and tail providing the strong edge hold necessary for generating speed into the wake. The center of the base is clean; clean water flow creates a smooth ride and softer landings, the duel tunnels easily allow water to enter and exit at the Baseline's tip and tail. The multiple fin position options take things a step further, allowing for maximum customization and the ability to give more stability on your toeside edge. Take it from two legends, the Baseline is the board for your Wakeboard adventure.