HO Syndicate Omega Water Ski 2021 - BoardCo
HO Syndicate Omega Water Ski 2021 - BoardCo
HO Syndicate Omega Water Ski 2021 - BoardCo
HO Syndicate Omega Water Ski 2021 - BoardCo

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HO Syndicate Omega Water Ski 2021

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HO Syndicate Omega Water Ski 2021

65 in.


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HO Syndicate Omega Water Ski: Tournament-Grade Performance

  • Designed for Efficiency: Optimized for modern tournament slalom skiing.
  • Proven Track Record: Multiple Pro Ski Tour victories and impressive scores, including 43'off/36mph.
  • Innovative Shape: Increased surface area at the back for a more in-trim ride and parallel water surface alignment.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Reduces water resistance, maintaining turn speed deeper into the cut.
  • 4-Stage Rocker Line: Exceptional performance through wakes with a true flat spot under the front foot.
  • Reduced Concave Volume: Easier speed maintenance for improved efficiency and reduced skier effort.

The HO Syndicate Omega Water Ski is a testament to advanced design and engineering, specifically tailored for tournament slalom skiing. Since its debut in 2019, it has not only garnered multiple victories on the Pro Ski Tour but also achieved remarkable scores, demonstrating its prowess in competitive settings. The Omega's unique shape, with increased surface area towards the rear, ensures a more balanced and efficient ride. This design choice significantly reduces water resistance, allowing skiers to maintain higher speeds deeper into their cuts, effectively outmaneuvering the speed control. Its 4-stage rocker line, featuring a true flat spot under the skier's front foot, ensures superior performance through wakes, setting a new standard for Syndicate skis. Additionally, the Omega's reduced concave volume compared to other models in the Syndicate range, facilitates easier speed maintenance, translating to improved overall efficiency and a reduction in the skier's exertion. This ski is a game-changer for serious tournament slalom skiers seeking to enhance their performance with a ski that combines efficiency, stability, and cutting-edge design.