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HO Sabre w/Stance 130 & ARTP Water Ski Package 2024

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Select Package Options:MED (67 in) | Stance 130 4-8 ART

HO Water Ski Size Chart | Course Water Skis

Board Length (in) Rider (lbs)
Syndicate Omega 65 Up to 150
Syndicate Omega 66 130-180
Syndicate Omega 67 160-210
Syndicate Omega 68 190+
Syndicate Pro 65 100-150
Syndicate Pro 66 130-180
Syndicate Pro 67 150-210
Syndicate Pro 68 190+
Syndicate Omega Max 65 Up to 150
Syndicate Omega Max 66 150-180
Syndicate Omega Max 67 180-210
Syndicate Omega Max 68 210+
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HO Sabre w/Stance 130 & ARTP Water Ski Package 2024

MED (67 in) | Stance 130 4-8 ART


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HO Sabre w/Stance 130 & ARTP – Advanced Water Ski Package

  • High-Performance Design: The Sabre is tailored for intermediate to advanced skiers, offering a blend of stability, smoothness, and agility for a versatile skiing experience.
  • Innovative Construction: Collaborating with Checkerspot, the Sabre utilizes a biobased foam core made from microalgae oil and a natural glycerin resin, promoting sustainability without compromising performance.
  • Enhanced Stability and Drive: Features like a wide forebody, high tip rocker design, and high volume concave ensure increased downforce and stability, facilitating aggressive turns and a forgiving ride.
  • High-Precision Footwear: The Stance 130 Boot, designed for power and precision, provides enhanced lateral support and responsiveness, along with a comfortable fit thanks to its SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner.

The HO Sabre with Stance 130 ARTP Water Ski Package is a top choice for those seeking a hyper-performance crossover waterski. Suitable for speeds between 24-34 MPH, this package is engineered with a focus on sustainability, using biobased materials without sacrificing strength or durability. The Sabre's construction, featuring a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass laminates, offers a more forgiving ride, while the Stance 130 boots deliver a stiff composite shell for precise control. The Stance ART complements this setup with its adjustable, comfortable design, ensuring a perfect fit for a range of foot sizes. This water ski package is ideal for skiers aiming to elevate their performance with cutting-edge technology.

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