HO Molecule 2D Tube 2018 - BoardCo
HO Molecule 2D Tube 2018 - BoardCo
HO Molecule 2D Tube 2018 - BoardCo

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HO Molecule 2D Tube 2018

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HO Molecule 2D Tube 2018


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Introducing the innovative Molecule 2D, a deck-style tube like no other from HO Sports. With our patented Sphere Technology, the front of this tube is elevated off the water's surface, offering the smoothest ride imaginable. Glide effortlessly through smooth or rough water, as the spheres help absorb the shock of passing waves, ensuring a comfortable experience for riders. Climbing back on from the water is a breeze, thanks to inflatable stabilizers, padded knee and elbow pads, soft foam handles, and the HO Quick Connect Tow Attachment. Rated for 2 adults, the Molecule 2D is guaranteed to turn heads on your lake.

Experience the thrill of HO's Sphere Technology – perfect for towing multiple tubers during the peak of summer. Unlike traditional tube designs, our patented technology suspends the tube deck above the water, minimizing contact points and reducing drag. The result? An exhilarating ride that's faster and smoother than ever before. Whether you're zipping across choppy waves or gliding effortlessly on glassy waters, HO's Sphere Technology delivers an unparalleled tubing experience. With our premium HO Sphere tubes, you're in for hours of fun with family and friends, no matter what boat you're towing with.