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HO Hovercraft Tribal Pink w/WMN Stance 110 Dbl Water Ski Package 2024

Sale price$699.99
Select Package Options:Med (up to 175 lbs) | WMN Stance 110 Dbl 5.5-9.5

HO Water Ski Size Chart | Freeride Water Skis

Water Ski Length (in) Rider (lbs)
Omni 65 Up to 150
Omni 67 150-200
Omni 69 200-250
Omni (Wide) 67 200-250
Omni (Wide) 69 250+
Women's Omni 63 Up to 110
Women's Omni 65 110-150
Women's Omni 67 150+
Future Omni 63 Up to 110
Future Omni 65 110-150
Hovercraft 65 Up to 175
Hovercraft 67 150-225
Hovercraft 69 200+

HO Hovercraft Tribal Pink w/WMN Stance 110 Dbl – Women's Water Ski Package

  • Feminine and Functional Design: The Tribal Pink Hovercraft is not just about style; it's built for performance with a design tailored for women skiers.
  • Advanced Stance 110 Boots for Superior Comfort: Engineered for women seeking comfort and flexibility, the Stance 110 boots offer an exceptional fit and feel.
  • Optimized for Easy Learning and Fun: Perfect for beginners yet thrilling for advanced skiers, this ski provides a surf-inspired experience with great control.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic: The Stance 110 boots are designed for a low-effort, high-comfort ski experience.

The HO Hovercraft Tribal Pink with the Women's Stance 110 Dbl is a water ski package that combines style, comfort, and performance. Designed specifically for female skiers style, it offers a comfortable and forgiving ride without compromising on control and stability. Whether you're just starting out or looking to add a fun, surf-style ski to your collection, this package provides everything you need for an enjoyable time on the water. The advanced features of the Stance 110 boots, such as the Split-Back Upper Cuff and Dual Lace Zones, ensure a perfect fit and outstanding flexibility, making every ski session a pleasure.

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