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Phase 5 Scamp Wakesurf Board 2021

Phase 5 Scamp Wakesurf Board 2021
Phase 5 Scamp Wakesurf Board

#1 Selling Kids Wakesurf Board
- Our top-selling kids board that handles a variety of abilities and sizes

Handles Riders up to 120 lbs.
- Great for the smallest of rippers but can grow with them as they get bigger and improve

Perfect for first-time riders
-Thin profile that is easy to handle in the water and get up on

Versatile Fin Setup
-Equipped with 3 fins for stability but can be converted to a single as abilities improved

Assorted Hand Airbrushed Graphics
- Every board is custom painted and completely unique

The Scamp is designed exclusively for the youngest surfers in the family. This board has a great stable shape for any grom to learn on, yet is fast and responsive allowing plenty of room for progression. The Scamp comes standard with a 3 fin set up to aid the learning curve of the smallest riders. Equipped with a 1” center fin and nub side fins. Start with all three then move to two and finally one to take it to the next level!

The Scamp is built utilizing Phase 5's very own Composite Construction. Unique to the industry, the Composilite building process has been pioneered, refined and perfected for over 25 years. The Composilite process allows Phase 5 to build a semi-custom, high quality, pro finished board for all levels of riders at an economical price.

Every Phase 5 Scamp is individually custom hand-sprayed with custom colors, graphics, and pads. This means every board is unique and one of a kind. Because of this, the Scamp comes in assorted colors and graphics, the image is only an example, the board you get will not be the same as the board in the example image.

Please select the color you prefer and we will do our best to ship you a board that has that color on it. This does not mean that the color you select is the only color the board will have on it or even that the majority of the board will have your selected color. Note: A specific color can sometimes take more time to ship as we do not have all colors in stock all the time. If you select assorted, we will ship you any one of the colors we have in stock.

Please note that we cannot send you pictures of what we have in stock, the boards are boxed and bubble wrapped.

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