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Phase 5 Fish Wakesurf Board 2022

Phase 5 Fish Wakesurf Board 2022
Phase 5 Fish Wakesurf Board 2022

*Each Phase 5 Fish is hand painted and a one of a kind. The board pictured is an example but is not the color you will receive.  Please write a color preference in the Color Preference box if you have one.*


-The Fish was designed for the smaller rider that wants a fun, fast and stable wakesurf board.

-The clean rail line from nose to tail helps maintain hold on the face of the wave. 

-The Fish gets its name from the narrow swallow tail that will break loose at will. 

-When you pair that up with our twin fin configuration you have a nice stable platform for riders of all levels. 

Every Phase 5 Fish is individually custom hand-sprayed with custom colors, graphics, and pads. This means every board is unique and one of a kind. Because of this, the Scamp comes in assorted colors and graphics, the image is only an example, the board you get will not be the same as the board in the example image.

Please select the color you prefer and we will do our best to ship you a board that has that color on it. This does not mean that the color you select is the only color the board will have on it or even that the majority of the board will have your selected color. Note: A specific color can sometimes take more time to ship as we do not have all colors in stock all the time. If you select assorted, we will ship you any one of the colors we have in stock.

Please note that we cannot send you pictures of what we have in stock, the boards are boxed and bubble wrapped.

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