Liquid Force Primo LTD Wakesurf Board 2019

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Liquid Force Primo LTD - Strap On and Take Off!

Get ready to blast into the future! Liquid Force has taken their most versatile wakesurf board - the Primo - and incorporated inserts and foot straps onto the boat for one of the most fun-filled rides you have ever had. Slide your feet in and get attached to a whole new level of riding. Ollies, grabs, spins, even flips can now be part of anyone’s riding. If riders are just learning, the straps allow the board to stay attached to your feet for ease of getting up on a board. With the straps being removable, once you get your tricks dialed with the straps, remove them and take those same tricks to strapless riding and feel the freedom of wakesurfing at it’s best. 

SIZE     LENGTH       WIDTH        ROCKER                 VOLUME     RIDER WEIGHT     

4' 5"


134.6 cm


51.7 cm

2.3" N/0.3" T

5.9 N/0.8 cm T

12.8 L

100 - 180 lbs

4' 9"


144.8 cm


52.1 cm

2.5" N/0.4" T

6.4 N/0.9 cm T

15.3 L

130 - 230 lbs


  • Single to Double Concave Hull
  • CNC'd EPS Foam Core
  • Three Fin Set-Up
  • Full-sized Grooved EVA Front & Rear Deck Pad
  • Single Concave w/ Quad Tail Channels
  • Comfortable Deluxe Foot Straps

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