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Why the Ronix Shadow Carbon Foil?

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Shadow Carbon

New for 2024, Ronix has rolled out an advanced wake foil option called the Shadow Carbon Series. The Shadow Carbon Foil takes inspiration from the current Balance Series but paves its own path with its materials and design. 

Complete Package Options

The Shadow Carbon is offered in two separate packages, each offering a different Front Wing. That being the Speed Edition with a 1330cm2 Front Wing and the Speed/Lift Edition with a 1530cm2 Front Wing.

Shadow Carbon Speed Edition

 Built for speed, the SC Speed Edition allows every rider to glide down the line of the wave with ease and excellence. The Speed Wing delivers a sharp, quick, and agile feel to every carve and every air. 

Conner, one of our BoardCo team members, recently took the Speed Wing out on water and said the following:

"I was first blown away by how stinking light the board and wing combo was. I started to question how well it would perform but that Carbon Fiber construction made the Foil so responsive, quick, and fun to ride. I've tried a handful of advanced-level foils like the P5 Go Foil, Majik Karpet, and Armstrong Foils, and none of them compared to this. This Foil has become my top choice and recommendation for anyone. If you're new to the sport, I would get this and learn with it and if you're an experienced rider, you don't need to look anywhere else than here."

MOD 84 Board

 There's a lot to admire about the MOD 84 Board, such as the construction, shape, and size, but the most neglected feature is the traction pad! The MOD 84 has a corduroy like pattern and texture that gives you the right amount of traction when you need to catch any kind of air. 

The MOD 84 uses a Flyweight Pro construction material that is used on both Ronix' Flyweight Skimmer and Flyweight Atlantik. This Flyweight material is paired with carbon reinforcements for extra strength, durability and responsiveness.

How Does it Ride?

The best way to explain the feel of riding on a Shadow Carbon Foil is to imagine you are snowboarding on fresh powder. The feel is light, soft, and quick. If you are hoping to find a foil experience that allows you to be the master of pumping, carving, and catching airs, the Shadow carbon is the way to go.