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What is a SKIMMER?

Wakesurfing has become a standout sensation in watersports, and leading this wave of excitement are skim wakesurf boards, widely known as "skimmers." These boards are not just pieces of equipment; they're your pass to an exhilarating water adventure. This blog post delves into the unique aspects of skimmers and their indispensable role for wakesurf enthusiasts. For an impressive array of skimmers, make sure to visit BoardCo.com, the ultimate destination for wakesurfing gear.

What Are Skim Wakesurf Boards?

Skim wakesurf boards, or skimmers, are specially designed for a lively, skate-like experience on the water. They stand apart from traditional surf-style boards with their distinctive design, which allows for increased maneuverability and agility. This makes them perfect for performing tricks, spins, and engaging in a more freestyle form of wakesurfing.

Characteristics of Skim Boards

  1. Size and Shape: Skimmers are typically more compact and lighter than surf-style boards. Their rounded and symmetrical shape is essential for executing swift spins and sharp turns.

  2. Fins: The fin setup of skimmers is a defining feature. Many skimmers are equipped with a single, smaller fin or may even come without a fin. This design enhances the board's ability to perform spins and slides on the water, offering a free-spirited, skate-like feel.

  3. Construction and Materials: Skimmers are often crafted from lightweight, high-performance materials like carbon fiber or fiberglass. This construction ensures both responsiveness and durability, empowering riders to explore their limits.

  4. Flat Rocker: Skimmers generally feature a flatter rocker, which is the curve from the nose to the tail of the board. A flatter rocker leads to increased speed and responsiveness, essential for quick, agile maneuvers.

  5. Board Thickness: The thinner profile of skimmers contributes to their agility and responsive nature, making it easier for riders to perform tricks.

Why Choose a Skimmer?

Skimmers are the go-to choice for those who desire a more dynamic and trick-oriented wakesurfing experience. They are especially appealing to riders who want to incorporate elements of skateboarding or snowboarding into their water activities, offering a fresh and challenging way to enjoy the wake.

Top Skim Boards 

At Boardco, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of the best skimmers on the market. Here are a few top picks:

  1. Phase 5 Model X: Has an unique single wing swallow tail for agile turns and cuts.
  2. Ronix Carbon Air Core 3: Obtains a simplistic shape that packs a punch, allowing for higher ollies and harder cuts, thanks to the lightweight foam and full top and bottom carbon construction.
  3. Hyperlite HI-FI:  This board is fast, poppy, and incredibly easy to spin, making it a top choice for competitive wakesurfing. 


Skim wakesurf boards are more than just sports equipment; they're a gateway to a thrilling world of water-based fun. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, a skimmer can transform your wakesurfing experience into something truly special. Head over to Boardco.com to explore our extensive range of skimmers and find the perfect board for your next water adventure!