2023 Holiday Gift Guide - BoardCo

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Dive into BoardCo's top picks for the upcoming holiday season as shared by some gear reps in our YouTube video. Discover the best in wake surfboards, wakeboards, wake foils, life vests, and boat accessories that promise quality and fun for watersports enthusiasts. Explore now and gear up for an adventurous holiday season!"


BoardCo’sTop Picks: Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is approaching and it will be the perfect time to surprise your loved ones with the best watersports gear available. In our YouTube video, some of our gear reps shared their top picks for the holiday season, showcasing products that promise both quality and fun. Let’s dive into their recommendations:

Wake Surfboards

  • Hyperlite Shim: A hybrid board that offers stability and ease of use, making it a great choice for both surf and skim styles.
  • Phase 5 Swell: Known for its speed and stability, this surf style board is versatile and fun for any rider.
  • Phase 5 Scamp: Designed for kids under 130 pounds, this board is hand-painted, ensuring a unique design for every piece.
  • Hyperlite Transistor: A skim style board that is slightly heavier, offering stability for beginners while still allowing for spins and other tricks.


  • Hyperlite Free Press: Ideal for park riders, this board facilitates big airs and impressive tricks.
  • Ronix One Blackout: A high-end board that promises soft landings and great pop off the wave, enhancing your trick repertoire.
  • Ronix Vault: A beginner to intermediate board that helps new riders get across the wakes and start jumping the wake.
  • Hyperlite Murray Pro: Suitable for all skill levels and available in various sizes, this board is great for boat use.

Wake Foils

  • Liquid Force Launch: An entry-level foil that is stable and easy to control, ideal for beginners.
  • Phase 5 Chip: An advanced foil for riders ready to progress to the second or third wave, offering a surreal and enjoyable foiling experience.

Life Vests

  • Comp Vest: Slimmer profile vests that offer comfort but are not Coast Guard approved.
  • CGA Vest: Coast Guard approved vests that provide higher floatation in the water, ensuring safety during wakeboarding.

Boat Accessories

  • Fun Floaties: Including unicorns and avocados, ideal for lounging in the pool.
  • Boat Hammocks: Easy-to-install hammocks for relaxation on the boat.
  • Other Accessories: Including fenders, dock lines, and cleaning supplies to ensure the boat is protected while on the water.

Check out all this gear at boardco.com! Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or recommendations. Stay tuned for the Black Friday deals we will have at the end of November!