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Eidon Tutti Summer Top in Multi

Eidon Tutti Summer Top in Multi
Eidon Tutti Summer Top in Multi

This fun, fruit inspired graphic bikini top, pairs great with the Tutti Bottom. This padded top, has 3 adjustable ties for maximum adjustability, and comfort. The Tutti Summer Top is perfect for a day at the beach, or an afternoon by the pool. Made from 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex. 


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Live, Travel, Surf

When we created Eidon, we wanted to build not just a brand but a community of people who shared our love of the water and our inexhaustible desire to travel anytime, anyplace.

Inspired by photographers, board shapers, film makers, athletes and artists, our brand seeks, through surfing, to bring together all individuals who love the ocean and are hungry to discover the world.

Live, travel, surf – that’s our credo. It’s something that we express not only through our products but in everything we do. So whether your destination is a new country, a new coast, or a beach you’ve known all your life, Eidon will be right there next time you want to get up and go.

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