CWB Lotus Wakeboard 2016

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The Lotus is regarded as one of the best shapes for learning and progressing your wakeboarding. This board is shaped to setup well for beginners and pro's alike. Long base molded fins add traction without a lot of drag, and a removable center fin can be used for ultimate grip. The subtle 3-stage rocker line is blended to be smooth carving into the wake and poppy off the lip. It's the perfect balance of predictability and explosive performance. 

130 cm: 70 - 130 lbs.

134 cm: 100 - 180 lbs.


  • Blended performance and stability
  • System 80 Core
  • Full length center spine
  • Enhanced edge channel for stability
  • Subtle 3-stage rocker
  • Long base molded fins w/ removable center fin
  • Designed for: Beginner/Intermediate
Center Width 16.50'' 16.90''
Tip/Tail Width 9.00'' 10.09''
Rocker Shape Subtle 3-Stage Subtle 3-Stage
Rocker Height 2.50'' 2.80''
Rider Weight      Up to 140 lbs.       130 lbs. and up   

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