Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard 2018

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Slingshot Contrast 2018

The Contrast is a female-specific board with a classic user-friendly shape that provides unmatched maneuverability and speed. It is a board that appeals to every riding environment. Tapered Flex Tip Technology creates an entirely new sensation for riding rails by allowing the rider to lock into presses without having to fight the rigidity of the board. Subtle channels located between the feet help to increase traction and stiffen the belly, giving the Contrast more immediate pop off the wake, while the center V-Spine helps break up water tension for big landings, both behind the boat and in the park. The Contrast also has a noticeably narrower outline shape, giving it more of a snow feel.

• Fast board intended for a free-ride feel and ultimate fun 
• Designed for aggressive female riders wanting to charge hard
• Best edging and carving board in Slingshots line 
• Medium flex for soft landings off kickers
• Can handle anything the park or a boat has to offer 

134 cm = 70 - 150 lb. Riders

138 cm = 110 - 190 lb. Riders


  • Ballistic Park Base
    A stronger, more durable base material than anyone has seen on a wakeboard to date! With Team riders like Shredtown, and the Valdosta boys riding across Cement, rocks and anything else imaginable, a bulletproof base is something that was a must have for 2017

  • Carbon Bedrock M6 Inserts
    You have probably noticed Slingshot did away with the Track system in their boards, and switched to M6 inserts. These Carbon inserts are not only stronger than any other insert, but the carbon used will flex with the boarding. Making sure you don't have a dead zone of flex in the board. Making those Nose Presses more legit, and the board will be more responsive to your riding style

    Slingshot’s vertically laminated wood core construction utilizes the collective strength of wood’s end grain to create flex characteristics unlike any other material in wakeboards. This unique construction brings boards to life with a new level of energy under your feet. Benefits include bigger rebound for stronger pop, more forgiveness on landings and, of course, an unrivaled experience in the park

    Now featured in vibrant new colors, Slingshot’s Fusion Sidewalls are unlike any other rail in the industry. Urethane is poured as a liquid in one single shot, then cured seamlessly into the board’s wood core without staples or fasteners. These are hands-down the most durable rails in the game


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