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Slingshot Option Bindings 2021

Slingshot Option Bindings 2021
Slingshot Option Bindings 2021

  • Gummy Straps with interchangeable straps for a customizable fit, and easy to replace to customize your style
  • K9 Mounting gives you maximum stance options
  • 3D Molded Tongue means these boots fit great right out of the box, and eliminates the need to "Break them in"
  • Forged Aluminum Mountain Rack for a solid constructed binding.
  • Tri-Zone Closure means you can get a custom fit binding
  • Direct Base System gives unmatched responsiveness.
  • J-BARS are inside the boots to give additional ankle support.

The Option is a high-performance open-toed boot ideal for when you want to share your ride. Perfect for riders with growing feet or casual riders who don’t want or like the full lock-in feeling of a closed-toe boot.

The Option boot is the perfect blend of high-end design influence and entry-level functionality and value. It’s a boot that can be shared amongst several riders (with similar foot sizes) thanks to the open toe design, while the gummy strap closure provides the comfort, performance and support of a full-function closed toe boot. The Option’s tri-zone closure allows riders to tighten the boots and customize the fit with ease.

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