Slingshot Coalition / Shredtown Wakeboard Package 2019

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Slingshot Coalition / Shredtown Wakeboard Package 2019

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    There’s not a board or crew with more hype surrounding them right now than the Coalition. This board breeds creativity. No obstacle is off limits and no surface is un-rideable, because where there’s a way - and usually a Space robber chomping at the bit to be the first to prove it. This is the board for them.

    BENEFIT: Looks great with a skinny stance, slides virtually any surface with little resistance, increased space vibes, gives you immediate “street cred” with the homies, increases your chances of Alien Abductions.



    As the first two-piece boot system, the Shredtown boot has bred creativity since day 1, and continues to
    take riders into new territories of progression.

    BENEFIT: Ride them softer or stiffer with the removable tongue, you can fine tune the flex and fit of each individual zone (lower, middle, upper), protect your feet walking around the park or parking-lot, ride with confidence thanks to unmatched comfort and support.


    • 141 cm = 140 - 210 lb. Riders
    • 145 cm = 160 - 230 lb. Riders
    • 149 cm = 180 - 250+ lb. Riders


    • Mens Size 6 | Womens Size 7
    • Mens Size 7 | Womens Size 8
    • Mens Size 8 | Womens Size 9
    • Mens Size 9 | Womens Size 10
    • Mens Size 10 | Womens Size 11
    • Mens Size 11 | Womens Size 12
    • Mens Size 12 | Womens Size 13
    • Mens Size 13 | Womens Size 14


    • Buttery nose and tail design for flat water fun
    • Medium / Soft flex
    • Ballistic Base
    • Carbon Bedrock Inserts
    • Hybrid Rocker Profile
    • Chined Rails
    • Space Vibes
    • Art by: Wesley Mark Jacobsen / Quinn Silverna
      Now featured in vibrant new colors, Slingshot’s Fusion Sidewalls are unlike any other rail in the industry. Urethane is poured as a liquid in one single shot, then cured seamlessly into the board’s wood core without staples or fasteners. These are hands-down the most durable rails in the game. 

    • Carbon Bedrock M6 Inserts
      You have probably noticed Slingshot did away with the Track system in their boards, and switched to M6 inserts. These Carbon inserts are not only stronger than any other insert, but the carbon used will flex with the boarding. Making sure you don't have a dead zone of flex in the baord. Making those Nose Presses more legit, and the board will be more responsive to your riding style

      Slingshot’s vertically laminated wood core construction utilizes the collective strength of wood’s end grain to create flex characteristics unlike any other material in wakeboards. This unique construction brings boards to life with a new level of energy under your feet. Benefits include bigger rebound for stronger pop, more forgiveness on landings and, of course, an unrivaled experience in the park

    • Direct Connect Soles
    • Ultralight K9 System / Mounting Hardware
    • Built-In J Bars
    • Tri-zone Gummy Strap closure
    • 20% Lighter!
    • Removable / walkable liners with secondary lacing support
    • Removable external tongues for a stiffer or softer feel overall

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