Ronix Hex Shell Skate Skimmer Wakesurf Board 2016 (4'9")

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The Ronix Hex Shell Skate Skimmer 2, got a little slimmer since last season. This makes the board faster rail to rail, meaning its more responsive. This 3 fin Hybrid board, has a concave top deck, giving you skateboard like grip, and control over the board. The concave makes shove-its and other skim style tricks a bit easier! This board was designed by Reed Hansen, which makes sense how much skate influence this has. 

The 2017 Skate skimmer includes Ronix Fin-S  system, which is a tooless fin system. Which means, no more worrying about having the right screwdriver, or Allen wrench on your boat. Or loosing those tiny set screws. If you're looking for a new Skim/Hybrid, this is a must to add to your quiver of boards.

4'3" 883 2.0 Nose-0.2 Tail 10.3Late 20.5 80 - 190 lbs.
4'9" 920 2.2 Nose-0.2 Tail 10.3/Late 20.5 120 - 240 lbs.



  • Machined EVA concave pads with arch support and extra tall tail kick
  • Ronix exclusive tooless Fin-S 2 system
  • 1 Fiberglass symmetric 2.5” fin
  • Handmade by Robots
  • Vacuum bagged with epoxy resin

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