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Ronix One Capella 3.0 Life Jacket

Ronix One Capella 3.0 Life Jacket
Ronix One Capella 3.0 Life Jacket

U.S. Coast Guard Approved

Comfort, impact protection, and looking good. What else could you ask for in a life vest? The Ronix One Capella 3.0 vest uses Ronix's Cylindrical design with new flexpoints, giving you a more comfortable, and flexible CGA vest. The 2 way stretch neoprene gives you great mobility. A little bit longer cut is perfect for people with a longer torso, want a more full cover fit. Water resistant liner, makes the vest dry faster, and keep the light weight the One vest is known for. Not only does this vest look good, but it will make your Selfies even better! The new One vest incorporates the Flash material you see on the One Polar Flash boots. It lights up, when a photo is taken with the flash on, or once the sun hits the material making your lake photos stand out that much more!

Please note that vests should fit snugly to get the best comfort and performance of your jacket. Since vests stretch out with wear and use, the initial fit should feel fairly tight.  Don't be alarmed if your vest feels a bit snug when you first receive it. 

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