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Ronix Koal w/Technora Lunatic Wakesurf Board 2018

Ronix Koal w/Technora Lunatic Wakesurf Board 2018
Ronix Koal w/Technora Lunatic Wakesurf Board 2018



Ever have that one buddy – you spend the day with him/her and it could either be filed in the Hall of Fame on the fun meter, or give you a night in the can? This is that spectrum in a surfer. Our thickest profiled board rides insanely high on the water with more top water speed than any surfer out there, but with one special extra ingredient…anxiety. You see, this hotbed of emotion can’t sit still because it’s perched so elevated from the waterline resulting in minimal friction. This amount of breakaway speed sometimes means she has a mind of her own – but without dunking and doing the annoying wakesurf bail for no reason. Why would you want a somewhat uncontrollable surfer? This means no turns are the same, predictability is a word never used, and mid-session, you’ll find yourself thinking, “what’s next?” Sound a little mellow dramatic? Maybe – but this really is the wildest ride we have ever been a part of.

The Technora Lunatic + also includes the new Ronix Fin-S system, which is a tooless fin system. Which means, no more worrying about having the right screwdriver, or Allen wrench on your boat. Or loosing those tiny set screws. If you're looking for a new Surf Shape, this is a must to add to your quiver of boards.

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