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Eight.3 Ronix Telescope Ballast Pump 3000 GPH


The 2nd fastest pump available on the market behind the Eight.3 3700 GPH. This pump only draws 14 amps and is designed for older ski boats produced before 2009 that do not have a 20 amp fuse on the cigarette lighter adapter.

The pump is designed to be dropped either over the side of the boat for filling or directly into the Eight.3 telescoping ballast bag for draining. If you have a 2009 or older boat that may not have enough juice to power the larger ballast pump the 3000 GPH version just may work well for you.

Eight.3 ballast systems are not designed to be integrated into your boat. They are very fast and when combined with an Eight.3 Telescoping 4 ballast bags you will have the fastest pump based ballast system on the lake. The Eight.3 pumps are not compatible with any Fly High Quick Connect Fittings or the Straight Line link system the hoses are too big.

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