Ronix District Wakeboard 2018

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The District is truly unique in its ability to adapt to any riding style. With a wide profile, the District is stable for less experienced riders, while delivering soft landings for folks looking to fly into the flats. If we were to choose one board to have for everybody in the boat, it'd be the district. Edge transitions and turns are super mellow, and when you lock into a cut, you'll have as much or as little speed as you choose to generate. Being the second generation of the District, the 2018 model is more responsive than ever.

135 772 2.4 3-STAGE 22-26 16.4 90 - 170 lbs.
139 805 2.5 3-STAGE 23-27 16.6 120 - 200 lbs.
143 832 2.6 3-STAGE 24-28 16.7 150 - 250 lbs.


  • Versatile Rockerline
  • Created For The Everyday Rider
  • Increased Sidecut
  • G&R Technology
  • Concave Bottom
  • Variable Rail
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins

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