Radar Women's Butter Knife Slalom Water Ski 2018

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Radar Women's Butter Knife Slalom Water Ski 2018
Radar Women's Butter Knife Slalom Water Ski 2018

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    The ButterKnife sidecut and surface area were formed for stability and an easier roll on to a higher edge. Turns are automatic and buoyancy is at a maximum with the largest surface area in its class. Effortless ups, light line tension and low spray. The easiest ski you’ve ever ridden. Now with All Terrain Core and a 100% carbon build!


    65" 398.670 SQ" 7.550" 30 MPH OPEN WATER Up to 160 LBS / Up to 73 KG
    67" 423.580 SQ" 7.780" 30 MPH OPEN WATER 130-210 LBS / 59-86 KG

    Recommended weights are for reference only. A ski can support a skier that is heavier or lighter than the recommended range without causing any problems, however, the ski may not perform optimally.

    These are for all the special ladies out there, three perfectly crafted skis designed just for you. Your beauty and grace demands a certain level of excellence that can only be found in the Radar line. We construct these skis with a specific flex allowing our ladies line to be more nimble and dynamic on the water. Special lay-ups let the skis flex easier, enabling easier initiation and seamless flow turn after turn. Whether you decide to ride the Lyric, the Butter Knife or the TRA you’ll be left more than impressed!

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