Radar Lyric Front Water Ski Binding 2020

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Radar Lyric Front Water Ski Binding 2020


The Radar Lyric water ski binding is the best performing binding for women slalom skiers. It is slightly softer than the Radar Vector, and is designed with an emphasis on comfort and style. The Feather Frame Chassis will decrease the overall weight of your ski while adding control, which results in easier, more confident edge transitions. Paired best with the Radar Lyric slalom ski, the Lyric boot will also be a great option for someone wanting a stiffer binding on the women's Butterknife or Girls TRA.


Small = Women's 6-9
Standard = Women's 8-12
Please note that adjustable boot sizes are approximate. Individuals with a smaller or larger foot may be able to fit into bindings outside the recommended sizing.


  • Wrap Tech Level 1
    Wrap Tech fuses the external skeleton of the boot to the base textile layer which gives the boot the ability to conform to the shape of your foot, in turn giving you more response

  • Feather Frame Chassis
    The Feather-Frame Chassis stands on a pedestal as the only boot system to completely integrate the mounting system, baseplate, and outer shell into a single component

  • Molded 3D Tongue
    Proper fit and support without pressure points on your foot

  • Symmetrical Fit
    Fits great whether set up as left or right foot forward

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