Radar Graviton Trick Ski 2020


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Radar Graviton Trick Ski 2020
Radar Graviton Trick Ski 2020

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    The Graviton packs a lot of punch into a small package. We’ve built the perfect ski for both hand and toe tricks by utilizing dual insert placement. This allows you to stand centered on your ski and makes it easy to edge continuously through the top of the wake. Our Graviton pops clean off the wake, lands soft and moves easily from one trick to another.

    In trick skiing, speed is the name of the game. We’ve worked hard to create a ski that moves from trick to trick faster than anything else on the market. The Graviton has one clean radius allowing the ski to carve smoother and roll on edge faster, leading to an always tight line. The new rocker profile, with a smaller flat spot, gives the ski the ability to edge quicker and pop off the wake better than ever. Combining this with FleX technology in the tip and tail allows the ski to flex in the correct areas, ultimately giving you a cleaner release off the wake every single time. 


    41" 407.55 SQ" 10.98" 24 MPH COMPETITION Up to 140 lbs / Up to 63 kg
    42" 427.68 SQ" 11.25” 24 MPH COMPETITION 130 – 170 lbs / 58 – 77 kg
    43" 448.28 SQ" 11.52" 24 MPH COMPETITION 160 – 220 lbs / 73 – 100 kg

    Ski sizing is based on personal preference and is given as a recommendation. Many factors including a skier's height, preference and boat speed will affect the desired ski size. Any size ski can be ridden by any size skier, it just may not perform the way it was designed.

      The new sidecut lines of the Graviton have one smooth radius from the center section of the ski through the tip and tail. This gives the ski a smoother carve to the wake after you land a trick and lets the ski roll on an edge easier, allowing you to travel back to the wake faster.  The width of the ski has been made slightly narrower, making it nimbler from edge to edge. This also allows the ski to sit deeper in the water, which makes landings easier and forces the line tighter so you can move from trick to trick quicker.

      The X contours found in the tip and tail ensure the ski flexes in these zones when a load is applied. When you load the ski for a body over, toe step or flip, it is much like loading a trampoline mat; this stored energy translates into easier, more consistent pop off the water. Flex Tech is a means to help keep you centered over the ski when you load the line. Skiers have noticed how easy it is to go straight up off the water, reducing costly unwanted travel.

    • ROCKER
      The rocker profile has a slightly shorter flat spot and a little more rocker in the tip and tail. The shorter flat spot allows the glide speed of the ski to be greater which in turn gives the skier a sensation of a lighter ski. The reduced contact to the water also yields faster surface turns in both hand and toe tricks. More rocker in the tip and tail reduces suction ultimately leading to a cleaner pop off the wake every time. 

      This is the first truly center-mounted trick ski for hand tricks.  We have added 2 binding locations for the front boot. The forward location is for hand tricks only. It moves both feet to the center of the ski instead of having the front boot in the middle of the ski and the back foot closer to the tail. This allows the skier to stand over the ski without excessive forward pressure. Body overs and spin tricks are much easier when the skier is perfectly centered. Now cutting to the wake from the forward or reverse position is equally simple. The front boot location puts the ankle bone on the center line of the ski with a traditional half-inch adjustment either way. The neutral insert location is best for toe tricks as it allows the ski to swivel on a central balance point when a back foot is not located on the ski.

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